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Electronic components supply quality agents4 reasons to choose and Xin Mu electronic cooperationOne-stop standardization, specialization, diversification

13 years of professional electronic components agents

Agency for the world famous electronic components, for many well - known enterprises to provide electronic components of the overall solution;

The company has a 13-year sales service team, in response to customer demand to provide supporting needs;

Xin Mu electronic current customer service covers electronic equipment, handheld devices, communications network equipment, automotive electronics, energy control, household appliances, industrial control,more than 40 areas.

Xin Mu electronic components
Original import, formal agency, manufacturers supply

Guaranteed on the machine, can be returned, free shipping, send samples, providing 17% value-added tax invoices;

Xin Mu agent products through the ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 quality environmental management system certification;

Xin Mu all products have access to international advanced standard logo certification and accreditation certificates to ensure quality.

Xin Mu electronic components
To ensure that the goods really meet the production needs

Xin Mu and a number of logistics companies reached a long-term depth of cooperation, to ensure timely delivery of logistics within a specified time;

Factory direct supply, and manufacturers to maintain close contact, commonly used models more than 1000K spare inventory, one-stop rapid supply capacity;

Xin Mu electronic components
Provide professional technical and after-sales service

7 * 24 hours online customer service, at any time to solve your problem;

Give you a full range of technical support and provide pricing services, customers can quickly complete the procurement work;

5 full-service technical staff, the use of the product can not solve the problem, can come to provide technical support;

Xin Mu electronic components

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Xin Mu electronic - electronic components manufacturers

Xinhe Electronic Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, It is an industry and trade integration of Hong Kong joint venture, Professional commitment to the world's leading brands of electronic components sales and supporting services, for Network communications, computer and peripheral, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, medical equipment and other industriesTo...【More】

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